Which Is Better For Recovery: A Massage Thumper or Massage Gun?

When you’re looking into incorporating massage into your post-workout routine and have examined your options, you may be wondering which is better: a massage thumper or massage gun? They are both percussive massagers that massage deeply into your tissues to help you experience relief from stiff muscles and soreness after a workout, which can, in turn, help you recover more quickly and get back to your usual routine sooner.

For most of the readers (and swimmers) that will be reading this article, I believe this will help you figure out which is a better tool for recovery. I know a lot of athletes who use swimming as a safe alternative to running (or road work). If you’re a big-time runner, you may be reading this due to finding a tool that can help with recovery.

While it is true that both of these types of massagers may at a glance seem like a good choice for what you need to accomplish, each one of them poses its own unique benefits. So what makes them different, and which one is better?

But, before we get into it, I just want to say a lot of the information here is from my own personal experience and should be taken into consideration before you purchase any of these devices. If you have any serious injuries consult with your doctor the best alternative to help with your recovery. But, not that’s out of the way, let’s get started with the article.

Massage Thumper

The massage thumper provides you with a full-body massage that helps to warm up your muscles, releasing muscle tension, increasing blood flow, and helping with the mobility of your joints for a full-body experience. The long handle attached to the thumper makes it easy for you to reach different parts of the body including the lower legs, thighs, arms, shoulders, and feet with ease, so you can more easily get to the areas that need attention.

If you have a hard time reaching certain parts of your body you’d like to massage, a thumper may be what you’re looking for. It’s a great tool overview. Thumpers come with two spheres instead of one like a massage gun, allowing it to cover more ground at once. Ultimately, if there’s a general area you’re trying to cover, a thumper is made for you. Unlike a thumper, a massage gun is specifically for targetted areas.

With no kickback when you use it, you can use it for long periods of time. The main drawback of the Thumper, as opposed to a massage gun, is that it is hard to use it directly in one single spot due to its wide body and two heads that operate at once.

Massage Gun

Using a massage gun will allow you to target very specific muscles, tissues, and joints on your body in a more direct manner. Massage guns feature just one head, but that head harnesses all of the percussive power of the gun in a concentrated way that helps you to get relief from tension and soreness in a certain muscle or area. It features a gun shape that makes it easy to hold onto and wield around various parts of your body with an intuitive shape that will make it easy to grip for long periods of time. The massage gun also tends to be more portable, letting you give yourself massages on the go.

For massage guns, I find them to be stronger than thumpers. Don’t get me wrong, I love thumpers but I find that massage guns give a deeper massage to targetted areas to them being more stronger. I find massage guns to be for more athletic people and massage thumpers to be for more casual users.

The main drawback of a massage gun, as opposed to a thumper, is that it does not have a long arm, making it difficult for you to reach certain parts of your body such as behind your shoulders or your lower back. You’d have to be somewhat flexible to use a massage gun for your back. But, saying this, if you can get it to your back, it feels amazing.

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In Conclusion

Ultimately, both the massage gun and the thumper are going to help you work the tension and stiffness out of your muscles through deep tissue massage. So which is better: a massage thumper or a massage gun? At the end of the day, it comes down to your own preferences and needs. Whether you choose between the thumper or the gun, being able to treat yourself to a massage after your workout routine is sure to work wonders on your body’s recovery.

If you need a device that covers a wide area to massage, get a massage thumper. If you’re looking for a device that provides a deeper massage for targetted areas, get a massage gun.

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